Water Treatment in Stratford, CT

Volatile organic compounds and rising radon gas can affect more than just the air you breathe, so you must protect your entire home. Connecticut Basement Systems Radon Inc is a proven company with technology designed for water treatment in Stratford, CT.

Any homeowner engaged in due diligence will need radon testing at their home before any listing for sale. As a company focused on radon and its effects in the house, we understand that a basic profile for water quality analysis does not include arsenic, uranium, or radon. Protect the health of your family and the investment you have made in your home and call our specialists to schedule a comprehensive test of air and water quality.

The Importance of Residential Water Treatment

Go beyond traditional water quality testing and identify additional compounds that could threaten the health of anyone in your home. Radon is odorless and difficult to detect without the right tools. It permeates the rock and soil around a home, contaminating the air and your water. Our water aeriation systems remove waterborne radon.

Protecting Your Business

The water treatment systems we develop for homeowners with contamination are also a great fit for any business. Learn more about our commercial water treatment systems and the comprehensive transferable guarantees that are available should you sell your business.

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