About Us

Since 1987, we've been delivering quality, cost effective solutions for radon and water quality issues, to tens of thousands of homeowners. Located in Stratford CT, our service area includes Connecticut and Westchester County NY.

Committed to Excellence in All We Do

We continue to be the oldest radon mitigation company based in CT.  We've successfully mitigated the highest airborne and waterborne radon concentrations in CT.  Our water well services division has successfully treated some of the most challenging water quality issues to be found in the country.  Our service teams receive constant training and updates to stay in tune with the latest technological advancements in our industries.  Daily operations are managed by our experienced staff of office administrators. We're not part of a franchise network.  If we claim it - we've done it!  Guarantees are only as good as the company offering them.  Since 1987, we continue to stand behind the systems we install, and the guarantees we offer.  We can help you better than anyone. PERIOD!

Depend on us for all your radon and water well system needs.  CALL 1-800-319-8867