Airborne Radon Remediation in Connecticut

Active soil depressurization (ASD) otherwise known as sub-slab depressurization (SSD) is recognized as the Best Available Technology (BAT)for mitigating airborne radon.

ASD is a process whereby a PVC pipe is inserted through the slab level of a structure and is routed to the roofline. An in-line fan is connected to the pipe to draw the radon bearing soil gas through the pipe, exhausting it outdoors.

The ASD process is so successful because we are intercepting the radon before it ever has a chance to permeate up through the slab.

Connecticut Basement Systems Radon Inc began offering airborne radon mitigation services in the summer of 1987, making us the first Connecticut based company to offer this service. We have successfully mitigated airborne radon concentrations as high as 900 pCi/L. Our mitigation experience extends beyond the residential market to include commercial buildings, town halls, daycare facilities, high schools, and complete condominium and detached housing complexes. CBSR has also partnered with environmental firms in utilizing ASD technology for VOC remediation in commercial & residential buildings.

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