Private water wells are vulnerable to contamination from many different sources. Not the least of which are viruses and bacteria. When you consider a private water well is little more than a hole drilled into the ground; the quality and “healthiness” of the water begins to come into question. As noted in the previous blog; basic potable water supply protection begins with extending the well head or casing above ground level. This process eliminates the possibility of ground water entering the potable water supply via the top of the well head. But a casing extension doesn’t guarantee that the water supply will be free of contaminant.

Ultra Violet Light (UV) sterilization is a proven way to guarantee protection from exposure to microbiological pathogens in your well water. A UV system cab be thought of as an insurance policy against the unforeseen danger that may lurk in our well water.

UV sterilization system.

High flow UV sterilization

The high flow UV sterilization system pictured is a system we installed in a school. It is installed downstream of a 10,000 gallon storage tank that supplies potable water to the entire facility. The system is capable of sterilizing up to 40 gallons per minute.

UV sterilization for private well

12gpm Atlantic Ultraviolet MP36C UV System

There are various sized UV systems to accommodate any sized home or building, regardless of flow rate. It is important that any UV sterilization system be fed water that has been filtered down to 5 microns, is less than 7 grains hard, and has iron and manganese within acceptable limits. The reason for these parameters is to ensure optimal UV ray transmittance through the water to achieve maximum sterilization capabilities of the UV system.

UV bulbs emit roughly 95% of their energy at a short wavelength of 254 nanometers (known as UV-C). This wavelength is in the region of maximum germicidal effectiveness, and is highly lethal to viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. UV bulbs will maintain this efficiency for a year. As such; UV bulbs need to be changed out annually.

With the current Corona virus outbreak in mind; it is comforting to know that highly effective technology is available at an affordable price to protect our private drinking water well supplies. It is a “green” technology that leaves no residual in the water supply treated. Please touch base for a no-cost evaluation to install a UV sterilization system in your home.

Viqua D4 Premium

Viqua UV Sterilization System