Radon Awareness Month

Radon Awareness Month

Radon Awareness Month 2020 is here. We’ve been mitigating elevated radon concentrations in private residences, schools, and commercial buildings since 1987…before there was ever an “Awareness” month. Our project experience runs deep,and we’ve pretty much seen it all at this point. Anyone can acquire the required class time, and pass the test to become a State listed “qualified” mitigation professional. But the difference between us and our competitors is experience. There are simply no companies in CT with the combined experience we possess under one roof. We’ve mitigated indoor airborne radon concentrations of 900 pCi/l, and waterborne radon concentrations of 1,000,000 pCi/l!

It’s no secret that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer…first among non-smokers. We’ve spent decades working to deliver the lowest airborne and waterborne radon exposures to our customer base. Radon has no bias. New construction, antiques, slab – on – grade, contemporaries, traditional, commercial, and any style, type, size or aged building you can think of, can be subjected to elevated airborne radon concentrations.

Great strides have been made in reducing cancer deaths in the US. This reduction is attributable in large part to the improvements in lung cancer treatment. The American Lung Association recognizes radon exposure as a main contributor to lung cancer incidences among non-smokers. Finding these problems and fixing them before they can make someone sick is the best preventative measure to take.

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