Professional Water Consultation Services in Weston, CT

Luxury home exterior at night.

Whether you are buying a home or want to test your current property, Connecticut Basement Systems Radon, Inc is here to help. We offer complete basement and water consultation services in Weston, CT, to a range of clients, including homeowners, real estate professionals, and contractors. With our services, our clients can have peace of mind that their property is radon free and that they have the best water quality possible.  Contact us to learn more about consulting and testing services or to schedule a visit from our experienced team.

Working with Real Estate Professionals

At our company, we continually work with a range of real estate professionals, including REALTORS®, real estate attorneys, and home inspection experts. By working with these professionals, we can provide their clients with the basement and well system inspections they need for their property transactions.

Builders and Contractors

In addition to performing tests on existing buildings, we also provide our water consultation services for new construction projects. Our team has experience working on buildings of all sizes, from single-family dwellings and condo complexes to commercial properties and schools. So when you are planning a building project, and you need to test the water quality for a well, trust our team to provide accurate results.