Sediment Filtration

Removal of sediment from a water supply can be accomplished by several different technologies. Basic cartridge filters are the most common – and sometimes – most effective approach to preventing sediment from entering the home’s plumbing distribution system. The advantage of a cartridge-based filtration system is that you can experiment with cartridge sizes, and install one that best suits your needs in terms of particulate size it filters out, flow rate, and pressure drop.

Clear Big Blue sediment filter

Close up of clear “Big Blue” sediment filter mounted on bricks


5 micron clear Big Blue sediment filter

BB sediment filter

Sometimes a sediment problem is severe enough that you need to protect the well pump from premature wear and failure from pumping heavy amounts of sediment. This type of sand separator doesn’t remove all of the sediment from the water, but it lightens the load being pumped into the well tank.

sand separator for well pump

in – well sand separator

Another type of sand separator is mounted inside the home rather than in the well. It is typically positioned on the “well side” of the pressure tank to help keep the well tank and pressure tank clean. Like the in-ground separator, the sand separator that mounts in the basement will not remove all the sediment, but it can lighten the load of sediment entering the well tank. A purge valve is needed with these types of separators to periodically flush away the sediment it has separated from the water. There are automatic and manual purge valves. Automatic is worth the cost difference in the long run.

In house lakos sand separator

Sand separator with post deep well sediment filter

As previously mentioned, sometimes sediment removal requires several stages. This can be a combination of a sand separator and cartridge filter, multiple cartridge filters installed in series, with progressively tighter mesh cartridges, or an automatic backwashing sediment filter followed by a cartridge filter as a polisher.

Backwashing sediment filter followed by cartridge filter

Sediment filtration is a necessary part of water treatment. Sediment in your well water can be very damaging to the components of your well system, plumbing system, and water utilizing appliances. Call us at 800-319-8867 to find out what sediment removal strategy will work best in your home.