Air and Water Testing in Connecticut & Westchester County NY

Water Testing in Stratford, CT

It all starts with testing. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Carcinogens like radon & arsenic are not perceptible when present in potable water supplies. Testing is the only way to find out if you are being exposed to these and other contaminants. Groundwater is ever-changing. There’s no guarantee your water quality will remain stable. You should conduct water testing regularly to ensure you’re getting the water quality you expect. A basic profile for water quality analysis does not include arsenic, radon, or uranium. These are common water contaminants we address daily. Having a baseline water analysis to work from is critical when considering a treatment system.

Airborne radon concentrations fluctuate in direct correlation to weather conditions.  A single test conducted in a given season is not representative of the annual average of indoor airborne radon concentrations for a structure.  We also consistently find that homes are under-tested.  If a home has a full basement and an addition built on a slab or over a crawl space, both areas should be tested! Large homes or multi-level homes may require multiple areas to be tested to get an accurate picture of what’s occurring in the home.

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