Professional Air and Water Testing in Weston, CT

Water Testing in Stratford, CT

Ensure your home’s air and water quality is safe by relying on the services offered by Connecticut Basement Systems Radon Inc. We provide both air and water testing in Weston, CT, to check for a number of contaminants and carcinogens such as radon and arsenic. These contaminants are imperceptible to taste and can only be detected through testing. By having us perform a water quality analysis on your drinking water, you can be sure that it is safe to drink and determine if you need any treatment solutions or if you need a well pump replacement.

As for air testing, airborne radon can be commonly found in basements, and levels can fluctuate throughout the year. This is why you should have multiple air tests performed, especially if your home has a full basement or an addition built over a concrete slab or crawl space. So, when you need complete water and air testing solutions for your home, turn to our team to handle the work. Contact us to learn more about our testing services or to discuss the contaminants that we check for in your water and air.

Accurate Results

At our company, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering accurate results to our clients. This way, you can be sure that your property’s water is safe to drink and that you have good air quality.