Well Pump Offset Replacement

clogged offset pipe through wall

clogged offset pipe through wall

iron clogged well pipe

Close up of clogged discharge off well pump

Private water well systems are generally constructed in one of three manners; Dug, Driven, or Drilled. Regardless of the well type, there will typically be a vertical pipe extending down into the well, and a horizontal pipe known as the “offset”, running from the well to the home it is serving. The vertical drop pipe can usually be easy to replace if it becomes clogged with iron or develops a leak. Oftentimes; we’ll replace the drop pipe when doing a well pump replacement due to iron build up in the pipe. The challenge lies in dealing with an issue in the offset line. Based on the wells’ proximity to the house, an offset line can sometimes run under a driveway, walk way, or patio that was added long after the well had been established. It is in under these circumstances that; when a problem develops in the offset line, a repair or replacement of that line can become a major undertaking.

Repair leak in offset

Chopping up patio

accessing leak in offset under patio

leaking offset under patio

offset leak under patio

Copper offset located under patio leaking


Copper tubing should never be utilized as an offset line between the well head and house. Not only will the effects of acidic water eventually corrode the pipe, but slight shifts in the ground will lead to kinks – and eventually cracks and holes in the copper tubing. Poly pipe is the best product / material to use for a well system offset line. It’s chemically inert – so it won’t corrode, it’s somewhat flexible so minor shifts in the ground won’t affect it, and the inside diameter is big enough to allow for good flow and pressure. Before making any alterations to the exterior layout of your home, be it adding a drive way, walk way, deck etc., know where your well and buried offset run…and if known – change out that copper offset!