Water Treatment & Conditioning in Connecticut & Westchester County NY

Connecticut Basement Systems Radon Inc. (CBSR) has been involved in the water treatment industry since 1987.  Our Vice President, Matt Bednarz, is a WQA Certified Master Water Specialist who is also our registered CT and NY well pump & water treatment contractor.

We offer complete water quality testing, well system inspections, water treatment system service and installation, well pump repair/replacement, and consultations on how to best improve your water quality.

New England well water can present some challenging quality issues. Iron, manganese, hardness, and low pH or acidic water are the most common quality issues we deal with on a daily basis. However: arsenic, uranium, radon, chloride, sodium, color, and odor are by no means uncommon. If you own a home with a private water well and are experiencing problems with staining, odors, taste or illness from using your water: please contact us- we can help! We offer water conditioning and filtration services throughout CT and Westchester County, NY.

Enjoy clean, refreshing well water in your home or business!

Contact us for more details about our advanced well water filtration services. Based in Stratford, we serve clients throughout Connecticut as well Westchester County NY.